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  • Imperialism: Hands Off Venezuela!

    Imperialism: Hands Off Venezuela!   Trump picks up where Bush and Obama left off training the guns of imperialism on the populist leaders of Chavism in Venezuela. While giving no…

  • New Class War!

    Volume 3, Number 1, August 2017

  • Atualização Greve Geral do dia 28-4 (1) e a situação no Brasil

    A greve geral do dia 28-4 mostrou a disposição de luta da classe trabalhadora. Muitas categorias de trabalhadores apesar de não estarem organizados e com seus sindicatos ativos não saíram…

  • LCC vs. RCIT on Immigration

    In an apoplectic fit the RCIT defends the right of fascist emigration, gentrification, capital flight and underdevelopment of the semi-colonies. Yet they say our policy is social-chauvinist. They slip in…

  • CWG-A/NZ: Worker or Capitalist control of borders? Reply to RCIT

    The following is reprinted from our comrades in the Communist Workers’ Group of Aotearoa/New Zealand:   Workers, not people, of all lands unite! The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)…

  • Aotearoa/NZ: For Workers’ Control of Migration

    The following is reprinted from our comrades in the Communist Workers’ Group of Aotearoa/New Zealand: Slaves at sea – workers’ beaten, unpaid or paid slave wages on this ship…

  • Venezuela: Neither Maduro, nor the reactionary right!

    The following is an English translation (along with original Spanish) taken from Adelante!! No. 4, (press of the Liga Comunista de los Trabajadores, Argentina – http://lct-revolucionproletaria. ) written by…

  • Revolutionary Worker (RWG-ZIM) Vol 1 No 3

    Volume 1, Number 3, May 2017


    The lunatic real estate salesman, the # 1  frat boy blowhard in the White House Donald Trump has sent out so many different messages on the U.S. confrontation with North…

  • Brazil: General Strike

    The following is the English translation (alongside the original Portugese) reprinted from our comrades of the Grupo de Trabalhadores Revolucionários (Revolutionary Workers Group of Brazil:  RWG-BR): Greve Geral do dia…

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